Mikey Mo the MC

Hunger Painz 2 (Still Hungry)

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  1. Intro
  2. Family of Hustlas
  3. Keep Pushin’ – feat. Theo
  4. Legendary MC
  5. Another Underground Artist
  6. Use to Smoking Bammer – feat. Delmon
  7. California Livin’
  8. You Ain't a Man
  9. Out of State Connect – feat. Mel Linium
  10. Help Me – feat. Abyss
  11. Blow Your Brain
  12. My My My 07
  13. Mikey Mo's Theme (FOCUSED)
  14. Ice Cold – feat. Theo
  15. Just Watch Me
  16. Better Not Drop the Blunt – feat. Flii Stylz
  17. Go Dumb Interlude
  18. Still Butter
  19. Split, Twist
  20. Industry Takeover
  21. Turnin’ Up the Heat (RAWDICULOUS)
  22. Back to the Bay
  23. Player
  24. 24/7-3sixty5 (FOCUSED)
  25. The Monster

Album info

Hunger Painz 2 (Still Hungry) is the 2nd installment of Mikey Mo's Hunger Painz series mixtape. This time he collaborated with Dap Daniel on every track. Mixed by DJ Daeta, this mixtape is guaranteed to keep your head nodding from beginning to end. Guest features include Abyss, Theo, Delmon, Mel Linium and Flii Stylz. Mixed & scratches by DJ Daeta Beat selection & editing by Mikey Mo The MC Vocals mixed by Dap Daniel Recorded by Dap Daniel & Koncept Mastered by Jim "The Cleaner" Rowe Photography by Misha Vladimirskiy