Mikey Mo the MC

Hunger Painz 3 (The Great Hunger)

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  1. Hunger Painz Intro
  2. The Canibul ft. Big Theo
  3. Big Shoes to Fill ft. Da Konduk
  4. Getting It In ft. Killah Stormz
  5. Doin’ My Job 09 ft. ShuxWun
  6. Power Moves ft. Da Konduk
  7. Track Star
  8. Venting (Interlude)
  9. Eat, Breath, Live, Die ft. Mag Flux
  10. Hard Times
  11. My Dude ft. Mag Flux
  12. The Mind of a Black Man (Interlude)
  13. Hustler’s Anthem ft. Kryptonite
  14. Going to Vegas!!!
  15. Roll A B-Legiter ft. Killah Stormz
  16. Snow Bunny Anthem
  17. Hold My Drank (Interlude)
  18. 2 Magazines & My M-16
  19. Another Shot of Patron ft. Lisandra
  20. Celebration For Levi Carter
  21. Warrior’s Soul (Rule By Decree)
  22. Ashy To Classy (Rule By Decree)
  23. The MC (Rule By Decree)
  24. The Great Hunger Outro

Album info

Mikey Mo The MC comes with another installment of the classic Hunger Painz mixtape series. For Hunger Painz 3, The Great Hunger, Mikey Mo continues his lyrical assault on track after track. Guest features include Big Theo, Da Konduk, Killah Stormz, ShuxWun, Mag Flux and Kryptonite.

Mastered by Jim The Cleaner