Mikey Mo the MC

Muffin Man

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  1. Break Em’ (Intro)
  2. Muffins Make the World Go Round
  3. Why You Wanna - feat. Vision
  4. I Can Tell You a Freak
  5. Do Me - feat. Abyss
  6. Can You Cook? - feat. Shawnie Bo
  7. Beat It Up
  8. Put Me On
  9. Bittersweet
  10. Interlude
  11. Dick & Bubblegum - feat. Dap Daniel
  12. Commence 2 Mackin’ - feat. ShuxWun
  13. Ain’t Givin’ It Up - feat. Abyss
  14. Good Stickin’ - feat. Theo
  15. Thunder Interlude
  16. Mikey Mo The MC Takeover - feat. Theo & Emzyme
  17. Shake That Ass - feat. Vision & Theo
  18. Underrated - feat. K-Wall
  19. Step To Me With Class - feat. Dap Daniel, ShuxWun, & Marcella
  20. Mikey Mo The MC Takeover pt. 2
  21. When She Hear My Hits
  22. I Was High
  23. The Ultimate
  24. Meant To Be - feat. Abyss, Shawnie Bo, & Marcella
  25. Against the Wall
  26. Shout Outs!!!

Album info

A mixtape for the ladies. Mikey Mo is a lady lover and Muffin Man is dedicated to all the ladies. Mikey Mo had fun with this mixtape and we hope you enjoy it as well. Make sure you check out "Dick & Bubblegum"...classic! Mixed by DJ Daeta Vocals mixed by Dok (Muse10) Beat selection & editing by Mikey Mo The MC Mastered by Jim The Cleaner