Mikey Mo the MC

Rule By Decree

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  1. Intro
  2. Hood Politician
  3. Warrior's Soul
  4. Freedom Ain't Free
  5. Rule By Decree
  6. Ashy to Classy
  7. I Changed My Mind
  8. The MC
  9. I Love Venezuela
  10. Throw It At Me
  11. Make It Far
  12. Ain't Right

Album info

Rule By Decree is a collaboration with producer Sanabria from Caracas, Venezuela. On Rule By Decree, Mikey Mo gets real and speaks out about the present conditions of society, the struggling economy, and the misappropriation of wealth. Nowhere is this more evident than on the lead single "Freedom Ain't Free" (video directed by Casual). Also included is the follow up singles "Warrior's Soul" and "Ashy to Classy".